Welcome to the Innovation Front End. I'm Don Ross and this is my blog that focuses on how companies can do a better job during the early phases of the innovation process. Companies that are the best at driving organic growth through innovation in products, services or technologies have a dedicated front end process in place. The following entries capture some of the best ideas, theory, and practice of the Innovation Front End. "

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Introducing Innovare's front-end best practice videos

Innovare is developing a number of videos outlining best practices in the front-end of innovation to help increase innovation success.

Here is the first of the series.  It describes how a systematic Discovery is key to developing the strongest concepts to populate the innovation pipeline.

Before brainstorming ideas for new products or technology concepts the most successful front-end teams do their homework!  They conduct research and explore customer needs, what's driving their market, and the technology environment so their concepts are focused on solving the right problems.  And that increases innovation success.